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Name: Fox
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Name: Terra
Canon: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Canon Point/Location: during BBS's secret ending "Blank Points"

Permissions: If you feel you need a permissions post, link it here.

Age: 20

History: wikia links HERE or HERE.

A young man in training to become a Keyblade Master. He and his fellow pupils Aqua and Ventus share a healthy rivalry and strong bond of friendship.

Though he is aware of the darkness in his heart, Terra refuses to accept it--and Master Xehanort's suggestions that it might be controlled have only deepened his quandary.

Personality: Terra was raised in the Land of Departure, a world located between the Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness that plays a pivotal role in maintaining balance between them. From a young age, he was trained by a keyblade master named Eraqus in both martial combat (using both magical abilities and the wielding of a keyblade) and in a philosophy that focused on that same balance of light and darkness. From Master Eraqus, he learned that the corrupting influence of darkness within one’s heart was a force to be eradicated. There was too much darkness in the world, so the few who were chosen to be keyblade wielders had to only hold Light in their hearts in order to maintain the balance. Master Eraqus' heart shone with a powerful light, a force to be reckoned with, and he taught his pupils so that they would develop the same.

Throughout his life, despite the fact that Terra held these teachings in the highest regard, he could feel the darkness present in his own heart. He could feel its negative influence, and he struggled on a daily basis to expel it in order to meet his master’s expectations. He followed a strict training regimen meant to strengthen his body and quell his personal darkness.

Terra grew into a polite, serious, driven young man. He is not very talkative, preferring to think things through very thoroughly before speaking. When he does speak, it's usually direct, getting right to the point with very little pretense or preamble. Terra is respectful to his elders and to those who are more experienced than him, listening intently to the wisdom they may impart. This is especially true of those who hold the title of Keyblade Master like Eraqus, Xehanort, and Yen Sid. It is his dream to follow in his Master's footsteps and become a great Keyblade Master in order to protect the realms and those weaker than himself. At first, he is merely mimicking the idealistic teachings of Master Eraqus. It is only through a series of events (those in KH: Birth By Sleep) that Terra comes to understand the meaning of Eraqus’ words. He finally realizes which things truly matter to him and what he should be fighting for.

The dichotomy of light and darkness (which is a major theme in the Kingdom Hearts series) played a crucial role in Terra’s upbringing and continues to impact his personality directly.

THE LIGHT: "Terra's calm and cool exterior hides a heart that would fight for his friends."

The most important people in Terra’s life are Master Eraqus, who he saw as a surrogate father, and his fellow pupils, Aqua and Ventus, who he thinks of as his sister and brother. This “family” is his light in the darkness, and he would do anything for them. He wants to become a man that his master can be proud of. Subsequently Terra pushes himself to be better, train harder, and grow stronger. He tries to keep the extent of his hardships to himself so as not to worry them, wanting to appear confident in front of Aqua and to be a good influence for Ven.

Raised with Master Eraqus’ code of honour, although he occasionally stumbles along his path, Terra’s heart is in the right place. He always strives to do good by others as he travels through the worlds, and he’s not the type of person to stand idly by when someone is in trouble while he has the power to help them. He fought monsters at every new location, taught a cute furry creature about friendship, and even escorted a young woman to a fancy ball at a palace. Doing these deeds allows him to feel a renewed sense of hope, believing that his dream to shake off the darkness and become a master will one day come true.

During his investigation into the monster attacks on the various new worlds, Terra receives a new mission from Master Xehanort that sets him down a dangerous path leading away from the light for which he strives. When that path appears to be growing too dangerous, Terra tries to distance himself from Aqua and Ven for their own protection. He convinces himself that he wants to act on his own to become more independent, but when he really listens to his own heart, he finds that he is a better person with them around.

THE DARKNESS: "Fear leads to obsession with power, and obsession beckons the Darkness."

Despite the light in heart, Terra cannot escape his strong negative emotions. Terra struggles daily with his inner darkness, a character flaw that Aqua and Ven do not share. Their light shines effortlessly, and, standing beside them, jealousy casts deep shadows that weigh heavily on Terra’s heart. Fear tells him that he will not be strong enough to protect his friends. He feels shame for failing the Mark of Mastery exam (the test which determines the worthiness of a keyblade wielder to hold the title of “Master” which Terra covets) and for not being able to keep the darkness from manifesting. The seeds of doubt grow quickly within him, and he enters into a spiral where all these emotions feed into one another, making the darkness rise to the surface. When it does, Terra uses the power of the darkness for bursts of strength, either intentionally during battle or by accident due to fits of anger, but at a great cost to himself. The more frequently Terra calls upon the darkness, the harder is it the next time to resist it. Eventually, the growing negativity in his mind causes Terra to doubt those he holds most dear, even going so far as to accuse Aqua of spying on him under orders from Eraqus and dismissing Ven’s offer of help with the comment, “I have to do this on my own."

It is this flaw in Terra that Master Xehanort was looking to exploit. In his time of need, it is Master Xehanort who consoles Terra’s wounded pride. Unlike Eraqus’ teachings of eliminating the darkness that Terra cannot control, Xehanort wants Terra to channel it, to use it to become more powerful. Despite what Aqua and Eraqus tell him, Terra constantly operates under the assumption that power is the only way to protect the people he cares about. Even though his intentions are pure, the only path he sees open to him is dark.

Xehanort twisted Terra’s intentions to his own purpose, but it wasn’t because he was dense that Terra fell so easily to Xehanort’s manipulations. Xehanort was a Keyblade Master, an elder and respected teacher, so Terra never thought to question him. It wasn’t until Xehanort explicitly revealed his evil plans that Terra realized he’d been deceived.

While he may seem overly trusting, willing to take people at their word until proven otherwise, he is not completely gullible. One of his abilities as a keyblade wielder is his ability to see the balance of light and darkness in a person’s heart. Although a heart contains darkness, Terra wants to believe that everyone is capable of being a good person. This leads Terra to give anyone he meets the benefit of a doubt. Knowing the darkness within his own heart, meeting a stranger who can overcome similar darkness would give Terra hope in his own struggles. However, more often than not, when Terra travels to new worlds, the people he meets disappoint him, villain after villain having succumbed to the darkness in their hearts. This discouragement causes Terra to fear he will never be free of the darkness, or worse, that it will finally consume him.

"You'll never sway me from the one cause that pushes me to keep on fighting."

In the end, when the final battle was fought, the darkness within Terra had grown so great that Xehanort was able to possess his body, ejecting Terra’s consciousness out. However, Terra was not so easily defeated. The strength of his spirit, the devotion to his friends, the light from Master Eraqus, and the stubborn determination not to let darkness prevail-- all these things allowed Terra’s Lingering Will to possess his discarded armour to battle the corrupted keyblade master whose heart now resided in Terra’s body. After a difficult battle, Terra managed to defeat Xehanort but was not able to completely expel him from the body. Trapped together in the same body, Terra’s mind still fights against Xehanort to regain control of his heart.

He hopes that one day he will be able to make things right and reunite with his dearest friends. Master Eraqus’ light left a footprint on his heart, and Terra became determined to become a person worthy of that.

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